How Bundle Post Works
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Bundle Post

Bundle Post's patent pending technology streamlines your social media content curation and marketing workflow, while integrating the analytics and engagement dashboard you already use. The system enables you to add RSS feeds, Google Alerts and other feeds where the latest content is ingested multiple times daily, ensuring you have the most recent, relevant content to chose from. Clicking on Export allows you to select a predefined schedule and merge it with up to 100 posts you select from your various feed channels. You can create and save marketing message posts in a repository that can also be included in your scheduled posts, as well as content you have queued using the Bundlet Chrome extension. In a single click you can automatically hashtag your posts, then export up to 100 bulk scheduled curated and marketing posts for the social dashboard you use.

Feed Channels
Efficient Content Curation

Bundle Post lets you easily connect and control Alerts and RSS feeds within the system, where we automatically ingest the content from those feeds several times per day. The social media content management system saves the content from your feed channels as a social media post, allowing you to view, edit or delete the content within the channel, all in one place. You can merge selected curated content with scheduled posting times you create for each of your social media accounts and networks making hours of work each week less than 25 minutes. Now you can easily ensure your marketing and curated posts are consistent and relevant, freeing up your time to engage, build relationships and drive ROI with your social media.

My Content
Marketing Post Repository

The My Social Content section allows you to create custom folders containing your marketing messages for use within your social media content marketing. The system also allows you to save posts about your company, your website, videos, etc. which can be infused into your streams as you desire. All of the social content and marketing posts you have available, all in one place.

Hashtag 100 Posts In Seconds

The Bundle Post hashtag system lets you create folders for each of your campaigns, clients or accounts that coincide with a content strategy of topics. Within each folder you designate the keywords and phrases that you know will be found in the text of the content curated by Bundle Post, as well as what hashtags you want the system to replace them with. You can also identify any words or phrases that will be contained in the text of posts and have Bundle Post automatically replace them with a specific twitter name, making it an active link when posted. In a single click on a specific hashtag folder, Bundle Post will automatically hashtag 100 scheduled social media posts in just one second!

Create And Manage Posting Times For All Networks

The schedule section allows you to create and manage schedules for each of your social media accounts on the various social networks. Within each created schedule, you control the specific posting times by adding single time slots, or creating a schedule from a list using start and end times for each day and posting intervals. Created schedules can be merged with selected curated content from Feed Channels and marketing post from My Social Content folders you choose, resulting in several days of scheduled social media posts in just minutes!

Follow Friday
Create And Manage Posting Times For All Networks

With the Follow Friday folders, you will no longer spend hours every Friday trying to figure out who to mention and what to say. Follow Friday folders let you segment #FF posts by client, project or account, saving all of the mentions and posts ahead of time. Just like Feed Channels and My Social Content, you can merge a selected schedule with a Follow Friday folder containing the posts you want to use, making follow Friday posts a 45 second function on Thursday evenings.

Export Table
Create And Manage Posting Times For All Networks

Once you have setup all of the Bundle Post sections of the system, managing and scheduling posts is made very efficient and easy. Just click the export now button and choose the desired saved schedule you wish to manage content for and tell the system the date you want scheduling to begin. You'll be able to select specific curated social media posts from any feed channels and My Social Content folders you have created and move the selected posts to the export table. Since Bundle Post is all about control, nothing is sent to your streams without your approval. All posts can be viewed, edited or deleted as you see fit.
To hashtag the posts on the export table, you simply call the hashtag folder you wish to use and click to run it. All posts on the export table containing the keywords, phrases and twitter names you identified with automatically be changed with the replacements you requested. Pro users can auto-sort the social media posts on the export table to mix the various content subjects and sources with a single click before exporting. The exported Bundle Post can be shared with others or directly uploaded into your Hootsuite dashboard.

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With content marketing as well as social media content curation handled in just minutes every 3-5 days, now your social media marketing can be focused on engagement, conversations and building relationships that result in ROI.