Easily Queue & Curate Social Media Content With The Bundle Post Chrome Plugin
Curate, Queue, Manage RSS Feeds & More

The Bundlet Chrome Extension expands your Bundle Post account beyond passive content Feed Channels to real-time content discovery in your browser. You can now send content from any web page to either a Queue or a My Content folder right inside Bundle Post, without needing to copy and paste.

Bundlet Features:

● Easily Queue Content into Bundle Post
● Merge Queued Content with new or existing schedules
● Build My Content Marketing Posts quickly and easily from your company pages, sites and web content
● Add RSS Feed Channels into Bundle Post with a single click

All content you move using the Bundlet can be accessed, edited and scheduled on the Bundle Post Export Table, making your daily browser content discovery even more efficient.

Bundle Post consists of 6 main sections that don't require direct connection to social networks, browser plugins or RSS readers. Integrated with the Hootsuite social dashboard, days of scheduled content for any social network can be uploaded into your Hootsuite account in minutes.

Live Content Curation
Queue Content Quickly

The Bundlet automatically captures content you want to move into Bundle Post for bulk scheduling Queues. Queue folders can be created for various projects, topics or clients in the Queue section of the system. The Bundlet will let you move content into specific queues as you come across it in your browser, then include that content in special daily bulk scheduled exports or in your normal export process.

Capture Marketing Content
My Content Folder Efficiency

The Bundlet now lets you easily build your My Content Folder posts directly from the pages on the web. You simply navigate to your marketing content, blog posts, videos and graphics and have the Bundlet move that content as posts into the appropriate My Content folders in Bundle Post. Building your Social Media Marketing repository has never been easier!

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With content marketing as well as social media content curation handled in just minutes every 3-5 days, now your social media marketing can be focused on engagement, conversations and building relationships that result in ROI.