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RSS Curation
Bundle Post RSS Curation
Easily manage numerous content sources

Managing curated posts from numerous sources is now very easy. Just add any RSS feed, Google Alert or other feed to the system and it will automatically aggregate, ingest and save the latest posts from each one, multiple times per day, giving you complete control over what is shared in your social streams. The most recent and unique posts will be formatted for you and ready to be selected, edited and merged with a schedule in minutes rather than hours!

Schedule In Bulk
Bundle Post RSS Curation
Efficiently discover, schedule and hashtag curated content in minutes

Using our scheduling engine will save you 80% of your time, by helping you find, schedule, hashtag and post distinctive curated content for your audience. You can select up to 100 unique social media posts from various sources, merge them with a customized schedule specified by you and automatically hashtag them all in just minutes, resulting in 3-5 days of consistent, unique content in your streams!

The most efficient content management system available ensures you have 100% control over what goes in your streams and that your are consistent with your posting and hashtags.

Marketing Posts
Bundle Post RSS Curation
Consistently share your own marketing messages

Organizing and maintaining your own marketing messages and content is made simple by creating repository folders of social media posts. You'll always know what you have available to share about your brand, products and specific pages, all in one place. Now your marketing messages and multi-post campaigns can be included, as often as you like, with other scheduled curated posts, ensuring that your social media drives traffic to your pages, campaigns and offers. Now you'll always have the time to include your marketing material to build awareness and promote conversion!

Better Results
Bundle Post RSS Curation
Manage social media with a tool that gets you faster results

Consistently sharing the most unique, recent and relevant content in your streams rapidly increases your social media results. Send out scheduled, hashtagged and engaging posts, plus include your own marketing messages, appropriately AND easily in your streams. Bundle Post allows you to spend less time managing social media posts and marketing messages, so you can spend more time concentrating on conversations, engagement and relationships. Get the results you want faster!

Transparent Language, Inc. - "Signing up for Bundle Post was one of the best things we did for our social media program this year. So many social media strategies and tools are hard to attribute tangible results to, but this one has been a clear and dramatic benefit to our program. We've seen a 65% increase in traffic to our website from Facebook since we started using Bundle Post. Even more impressive is the 263% increase in traffic results coming from Twitter."